Strawberry Custard Premium e Juice Interview

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The Story behind Vanilla Custard by You Got Ejuice from Vista, California

Interview by Premium e

You Got Ejuice are producers of top quality Premium e Juice.

How to reach You Got Ejuice

What is a Strawberry Custard Premium e Juice?

Strawberry Custard Premium e Juice starts as a “70% VG / 30% PG” blend Dessert made with “two different strawberry flavors, a custard flavor, two cream flavors and another undisclosed special secret ingredient.”. You Got Ejuice describes it as: “We have been told this could be quite possibly be one of the best Strawberry Custard vapes on the market.” Strawberry Custard Premium e Juice is made in nicotine strengths of “0 3 and 6” and available in “60 milliliter bottles for $10.99 and 120 milliliter bottles for $19.99.

The Inspiration Story of Vanilla Custard.

You Got Ejuice said the inspiration behind the creation of this premium e juice was:“This was originally designed for personal use 1.5 years ago.”

What Goes into Making Vanilla Custard.

The creation secrets behind this great premium e juice is as You Got Ejuice revealed, they start with the ingredient(s) of “two different strawberry flavors, a custard flavor, two cream flavors and the undisclosed special secret ingredient.” and: “We steep all our juices for 2 weeks before we clear it for shipping”. We asked You Got Ejuice if there was any additional preparation processes, You Got Ejuice stated: “We inspect each batch 4 times for consistency through out the process.”.

Creation of Vanilla Custard.

When asked who the artist was for the creation of the label art, You Got Ejuice revealed that: “Dlewis Designs” created the label art. You Got Ejuice said the inspiration for the label art was, “We just wanted a logo that incorporated a couple things from our industry but was still simple.“.

A Quick Question & Answer Interview of Vanilla Custard Sales & Reviews.

You Got Ejuice we know these last questions can be more guarded, but the vaping community really appreciates your patience in telling the intimate details of a successful premium e juice.

How many units of Vanilla Custard premium e juice has sold so far?:

You Got Ejuice:

We’ve shipped about 270 bottles.

Where else can visitors find this premium e juice for purchase?:

You Got Ejuice:

Our primary focus is on low cost retail. There is one shop that carries it but our primary focus is offering a premium product for a low cost so that everybody can afford vaping.

Is this premium e juice available for bulk or volume purchase?:

You Got Ejuice:


Our readers would love to hear more about Vanilla Custard, could you tell us the top 5 best reviews of your premium e juice.:

You Got Ejuice:

There has been several reviews posted on Instagram and YouTube.

We can’t wait to hear the reviews. We would like to thank Jimmy Raymond of You Got Ejuice for taking the time to share the details and story behind their Vanilla Custard Premium e Juice.

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  • Posted: December 10, 2015 23:39

    James R Johnson

    Instagram was the first place I saw you got juice and wanted to give em a try with great prices what can go wrong right. ..I Love their juice smooth and flavorful you can't beat it you can't go wrong and on top of great juices is great customer service with fast shipping.
  • Posted: January 1, 2016 12:32


    Just ordered some ,can't wait to try it.
  • Posted: January 1, 2016 12:40


    Just ordered some,can't wait to try it.