Ramblin Man Premium e Juice Interview

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The Story behind Ramblin Man by Hippie Holler from Lebanon, Missouri

Interview by Premium e

Hippie Holler are producers of top quality Premium e Juice.

How to reach Hippie Holler

What is Ramblin Man Premium e Juice?

Ramblin Man Premium e Juice is a “85% VG / 15% PG” blend Dessert with Oak Steeped Pecan and brown sugar. Hippie Holler describes it as a: “Saunter with the Ramblin’ Man to the unknown in this complex oak steeped blend. Devour the succulent notes of toasted Southern pecans drenched in brown sugar with delicate maple notes. “ Ramblin Man Premium e Juice is made in nicotine strengths of “0 3 and 6” and available in “40 milliliter bottles,” selling at a retail price of “$34.99“.

The Inspiration Story of Ramblin Man.

Hippie Holler said the inspiration behind the creation of this premium e juice was:“This eliquid was inspired by our love of crisp fall evenings, sitting in the living room with family, with mom’s pecan pie baking in the kitchen.”

What Goes into Making Ramblin Man.

The creation secrets behind this great premium e juice is as Hippie Holler revealed, they start with the ingredient(s) of “Oak steeped pecan and brown sugar” and when asked about special stepping process Hippie Holler stated: “That’s classified, but our craft eLiquid is steeped in oak. “. We asked Hippie Holler if there was any additional preparation processes, Hippie Holler stated: “There’s a lot that goes into the process. This particular flavor has undergone 18 months of development. From the base flavor creation to the final steeping process, this flavor is a true labor of love.”. always love funny outtakes or setbacks during premium e juice development, when asked if there were any Hippie Holler stated: “We did a photo shoot with the bottles and one location was railroad tracks. The photographer decided to lay on the tracks to get a better angle for the picture. Passers by were certainly entertained”.

Creation of Ramblin Man.

When asked who the artist was for the creation of the label art, Hippie Holler revealed that: “Sarah Angst” herself created the label art. “Sarah Angst said the inspiration for the label art came during an Avett Brothers concert. There’s just something about a bearded man picking a banjo that makes you think of being down home. The label design process started after that amazing concert.“.

A Quick Question & Answer Interview of Ramblin Man Sales & Reviews.

Hippie Holler we know these last questions can be more guarded, but the vaping community really appreciates your patience in telling the intimate details of a successful premium e juice.

How many units of Ramblin Man premium e juice has sold so far?:

Hippie Holler:

We launched 3 weeks ago, so we’re still getting off the ground. We’ve shipped about 350 bottles as of today.

Where else can visitors find this premium e juice for purchase?:

Hippie Holler: and now

Is this premium e juice available for bulk or volume purchase?:

Hippie Holler:

Absolutely. We have an amazing wholesale program.

What is the bulk or volume pricing for this premium e juice?:

Hippie Holler:

There are varying price levels depending on volume, but we never have minimum order quantities and shipping is always free.

Where is the official web page for bulk or volume purchasing?:

Hippie Holler:

Our readers would love to hear more about Ramblin Man, could you tell us the top 5 best reviews of your premium e juice.:

Hippie Holler:

We just started sending out samples to reviewers, and we can’t wait to hear what they think. We launched on October 19th, 2015.

We can’t wait to hear the reviews. We would like to thank Sarah Angst of Hippie Holler for taking the time to share the intimate details and story behind their Ramblin Man Premium e Juice.

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