Morning Murder Premium e Juice Interview

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The Story behind Morning Murder by Evil E-juice from Millville, NJ

Interview by Premium e

Evil E-juice are producers of top quality Premium e Juice.

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What is Morning Murder Premium e Juice?

Morning Murder Premium e Juice is a “80% VG / 20% PG” “secret” blend of flavors resulting in a Fruity Cereal flavor” with a month long Steeping process. When asked to describe Morning Murder Premium e Juice, Evil E-juice described it as a: “Light citrus blend of your favorite fruity cereal. A fruity Cereal totally different from the rest. The all day vape you can’t put down.” Morning Murder Premium e Juice is made in nicotine strengths of “0, 3 and 6” and available in “30ml and 120ml (available online only),” selling at a retail price of “$17.99“.

The Inspiration Story of Morning Murder.

Evil E-juice said the inspiration behind the creation of this premium e juice was:“To create a fruity cereal flavor that is not overwhelming with a lemon flavor.”

What Goes into Making Morning Murder.

The creation secrets behind this great premium e juice is as Evil E-juice revealed, they start with secret ingredient(s) and when asked more about their special stepping process Evil E-Juice stated: “Mixed in large batches and steeped for a minimum of 1 month before it sees a bottle”. We asked Evil E-Juice if there was any additional preparation processes, Evil E-Juice stated: “No”. always love funny outtakes or setbacks during premium e juice development, unfortunately when asked if there were any Evil E-Juice stated: “No”.

Creation of Morning Murder.

When asked who the artist was for the creation of the label art, Evil E-Juice’s Michael Tisa revealed that: “My business partner Mike Nardelli handles all of our artwork.” “Michael Tisa said the inspiration for the label art was “Horror films”.“.

A Quick Question & Answer Interview of Evil E-Juice Sales & Reviews.

Evil E-Juice we know these last questions can be more guarded, but the vaping community really appreciates your patience in telling the intimate details of a successful premium e juice.

How many units of Morning Murder premium e juice has sold so far?:

Evil E-Juice:

No Idea.

Where else can visitors find this premium e juice for purchase?:

Evil E-Juice:

Select Brick and Mortar shops on the east coast.

Is this premium e juice available for bulk or volume purchase?:

Evil E-Juice:

Just wholesale.

What is the bulk or volume pricing for this premium e juice?:

Evil E-Juice:

Not Available

Where is the official web page for bulk or volume purchasing?:

Evil E-Juice:

Not Available

Our readers would love to hear more about Morning Murder, could you tell us the top 5 best reviews of your premium e juice.:

Evil E-Juice:

We can’t wait to hear the reviews. We would like to thank Michael Tisa of Evil E-Juice for taking the time to share the intimate details and story behind their Morning Murder Premium e Juice.


The short URL of the present article is:

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