Premium e Juice Interview

Tell the road to success story and history behind your great premium e juice. in partnership with is very interested in what makes your premium e juice great and the intimate road to success story behind it. We will delve into the details and history of your premium e juice and share it’s story with the world vaping community. With today’s social push for real stories and real truth of the everyday events behind great premium e juices, you would be surprised at the level of engagement your premium e juice story will create.

Preparing for the Premium e Juice Interview

It is important to note that each interview is per flavor per brand. Each individual flavor will be interviewed separately on a per brand basis. If you have the same flavor under two or more brands, each will be interviewed separately. This can appear to be more work, but it is by design and keeps the highest level of media attention focused on each specific product and thus the traffic is well worth the effort.

Social Media Channels to Follow & Communicate Through

We will need to interact with you as we write your story and begin publicizing your upcoming publishing story. Please friend, follow and like through the following social media channels before beginning your interview below. We use these social channels to communicate with you. If you haven’t yet created these channels, it is strongly advised that you do so for your own success and media exposure. If you need assistance, please don’t be shy, contact us at We are here to assist you.

Please take the time to connect & follow each of the following channels now:

Hold on a minute, my social channel is not on here!
Not to worry, if you don’t see one of your social channels on this list, please email us at and we will expand ourselves to accommodate your business needs.

Authorization to Publish your story

We are sure you are who you say you are and the owner of your premium e juice. But we need your authorization to publish your story in; even if you have already interviewed with previously. Each interview is independent for each magazine. If you have already added the authorization code below from a previous premium e juice interview you do not have to add it again. You only have to add the code below if the premium e juice is coming from a different website or domain. Adding the authorization code to publish your story is a very simple standard process of pasting the authorization code in the footer of your website. Copy and paste the following code so our editors can validate our authorization to publish your story.

Copy and past this code into the footer of your website:
<div><strong>As seen in <a href="" title="Premium e Juices">Premium e Juice</a></strong></div>

Which will appear like this on your website:

As seen in Premium e ( But don’t copy and paste this line )

Again if you have trouble with any part of the interview process, please contact us at

Wait a minute, I don’t have a website!

On rare occasions business owners get so wrapped up in business they over look some of the most elementary parts of modern business; like a website. Not a problem, the VAPING community is here to assist you. So before you get over charged by over priced web design firms or worse yet end up with something completely unprofessional, head over to together with select Premium e Juice manufacturers are going to sponsor you with a combined sponsorship support of 80% of the total cost burden. The total cost of a 5 page vape website design will now be $999.99.

Preparing your premium e juice product images for upload.

It is vital that you present the appearance of your premium e juice in the best possible way. For this reason we need to standardize the format for at least one of the uploaded premium e juice images. Read the following standards for your uploaded premium e juice image. Once your standardized image is prepared, you can include any and all artistic premium e juice images to be uploaded with the standardized one.

Standards for a premium e juice uploaded product image.

  1. Image size must be 720px by 720px.
  2. Product must be in focus, no blurry images.
  3. Product must be in color, no black and white images.
  4. Product must be photographed on a pure white background.
  5. Product must be photographed straight on in a front view.
  6. Product must be centered in photo top to bottom and left to right.
  7. Product in photo must be no taller than 620px or no shorter than 520px.
  8. Product must maintain correct aspect ratio in image with no distortion.

Examples of standardized premium e juice product photos.

If you are having trouble with your premium e juice product photos, please contact us at we would love to help.

Lets begin your Premium e Juice interview.

Premium e Juice Interview


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